Water Impacts Everything

Water impacts every person and industry in the world — growing crops, producing energy, developing medicine, manufacturing vehicles and smart devices that connect us. Nothing can happen without water resources.

XPV Water Partners invests in companies that directly or indirectly make a positive impact on water resources and the related processes, applications and industries that it enables.

Feature Insights

Holland Pump Acquires Pump Service & Supply of Troy Expanding Its Footprint in the Pump Rental Market

West Palm Beach, FL, January 7, 2022 – Holland Pump Company, a leading independent specialty pump rental and dewatering solutions provider, today announced it has...

Public and Regulatory Pressure to Eliminate Sewage Spills in UK Drives Need for Metasphere’s Smart Water Solutions

Public outcry about sewage pollution in waterways has reached a tipping point in the United Kingdom. This past October, on the eve of COP26, media coverage of a massive...

Metron-Farnier Is Using Data and Analytics to Help Users Waste Less Water

In a world facing water shortages, it’s never been more important to make informed decisions about how we choose to use our resources. Across North America, utilities...

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