Water Impacts Everything

Water impacts every person and industry in the world — growing crops, producing energy, developing medicine, manufacturing vehicles and smart devices that connect us. Nothing can happen without water resources.

XPV Water Partners invests in companies that directly or indirectly make a positive impact on water resources and the related processes, applications and industries that it enables.

News and Articles

Metasphere Launches New Sewer Monitoring Solution to Help Reduce Pollution and Restore Natural Waterways

Poorly treated or raw sewage is a persistent pollutant and mounting global challenge. The statistics are shocking – according to UN Water, some 80% of the...

Axius Water: On the Frontlines of a Global Battle Against Harmful Algae Blooms

Nutrient pollution is one of the world’s most widespread, costly, and challenging environmental problems[1] – and, as the climate warms, its impacts are worsening....

Holland Pump: Tackling Critical Infrastructure and Environmental Restoration Projects

As cities rush to renew their infrastructure, protect and restore ecosystems, and build resilience to the impacts of a changing climate, there is a growing demand for...

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