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Water Impacts Everything

Water impacts every person and industry in the world — growing crops, producing energy, developing medicine, manufacturing vehicles and smart devices that connect us. Nothing can happen without water resources.

XPV Water Partners invests in companies that directly or indirectly make a positive impact on water resources and the related processes, applications and industries that it enables.

News and Articles

Soli Organic™ Announces $120 Million Financing Arrangement with Decennial Group to Expand Certified Organic Controlled Environment Agriculture

Company will have a total of 15 soil-based indoor farms, supporting its plans to shift 90% of production to indoor A proven performer focused on achieving the best...

How Bayonne Coped with Sandy and Prepared for Future Storms

By Daniel Israel, Staff Writer  In the wake of Hurricane Ida and ninth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, officials describe sewer and storm upgrades. Nine years after...

How Metron-Farnier’s One-Minute Data Analytics Platform Helps Conserve Water and Empower Ratepayers

When water resources are limited, the world faces serious challenges. For several regions across North America, water scarcity is a harsh reality. For their utilities,...

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