Aquatic Informatics Inc

One of the world’s largest water data management companies with over 100 billion real-time field measurements helping to protect our water quality, infrastructure and communities.

Aquatic Informatics is a mission-driven software company that organizes the world’s water data to make it accessible and useful. With four major software platforms, and more than 1,000 customers in 60 countries, Aquatic Informatics provides infotech solutions for all water resources, including source water, drinking water, municipal and industrial wastewater, and the receiving environment. Their platforms address analytical and compliance needs for managing large volumes of data.

Acquired by Danaher’s Water Quality Platform on July 14, 2020.

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Atlas SSI

End-to-end manufacturer and service provider of water intake systems, featuring the largest installed base of 316(b) fish handling screens to help protect our aquatic environment.

Leveraging deep engineering and manufacturing expertise, Atlas-SSI is one of the largest full-service producers of raw water intake equipment, traveling water screens, and trash rake systems in North America. Certified field service and dive teams support turnkey installations, on-site maintenance, inspections, repairs, and preventative maintenance. Atlas-SSI’s material handling division designs and builds high-performance industrial clamshell buckets and grapples that meet strict industry standards and are trusted at many of the largest port facilities.


BCR Environmental

Transforming biosolids and waste into nutrient-rich end products in a more sustainable way with patented technologies that use up to 90% less energy.

BCR partners with municipalities, industry and engineering firms to provide innovative biosolids and waste treatment solutions. The company offers several technologies that convert organic and industrial waste streams into safe, valuable and marketable end-products to minimize disposal costs. The BCR Neutralizer® has become the most installed Class A/EQ onsite biosolids treatment system in the state of Florida due to its safe and simple application for small and mid-sized wastewater treatment plants.


Environmental Operating Solutions (EOSi)

The leading provider of sustainable carbon products for nutrient management which have helped to prevent over 100 million pounds of contaminants from entering our waterways.

EOSi provides nutrient management solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants to achieve stringent effluent discharge regulations. Their non-hazardous, environmentally sustainable glycerine-based product is supported by a high level of process automation and in-house biological nutrient management expertise. With over 20 production sites and over 550 customers, EOSi is the leading North American supplier of this green chemical alternative.

Member of XPV and KKR Water Quality Platform.


A leader in the research, development and application of advanced nutrient management solutions that drive down treatment costs and protect the environment for over 300 million people worldwide.

Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) is a full-service provider of advanced aeration and biological treatment solutions for municipal and industrial applications. Committed to their ‘Aeration for life®’ promise, the company offers the broadest technology portfolio in the industry with unparalleled engineering, installation and service capabilities for any brand or model of system. EDI aeration solutions reduce treatment process energy costs by up to 70%, and are trusted in more than 7,000 installations in over 100 countries.

Member of XPV and KKR Water Quality Platform.


Holland Pump Company

With an extensive fleet of pumps and related specialty equipment, their unique fluid handling capabilities enable construction, infrastructure repair and industrial process operations.

Holland Pump Company manufactures, sells, rents, and services pumps and related equipment for infrastructure project dewatering, sewer by-pass, as well as a wide range of agricultural, mining, marine, and other industrial applications. Their engineered solutions are preferred due to their performance during long-term projects. The company complements its pump rental fleet with outstanding service – from installation to ensuring its customers’ pumps are running on site – reinforcing its’ brand promise of helping its customers Finish Faster.


Isle Utilities

Global technology consultancy firm with extensive in-house engineering and scientific experience, delivering innovative programs that have resulted in over 200 commercialization success stories.

Isle Utilities is a specialized technology and innovation consultancy focused on the water, energy, and environmental sectors, helping customers identify, evaluate, and implement innovative technologies. Isle has created a global Technology Approval Group (TAG) that brings water end-users together to review emerging technologies, identify pilot opportunities, and engage in collaborative research or deployments. Isle reviews thousands of technologies that show promise in solving the most critical global water and energy challenges.



Best-in-class portfolio of microbiological testing and identification solutions deployed globally to help protect public health, enhance process efficiency and improve product quality.

LuminUltra is recognized as a global leader in microbial testing and monitoring solutions for environmental, industrial, and life science applications. The Company has deep expertise in translating microbiological data into valuable information for their customers to make operational decisions that improve performance, safety and overall community health. From viruses, bacteria, fungi or any other microbe, the Company serves as a first line of defense for identification, measurement, and control. The Company partners with government, institutional and Fortune 500 customers in over 100 countries.



Provider of advanced IoT solutions that are enabling the sustainable use of the world's natural resources via smart data communication networks and analytics software.

Metasphere is a leading provider of smart solutions for the remote collection, processing visualization and reporting of data from critical systems and assets in the water, wastewater and environmental sectors. The company offers a full range of remote telemetry units which utilize a variety of communication protocols and are sensor agnostic to enable operation in a wide range of applications. Intelligent data solutions from Metasphere are trusted around the world by major utilities and government agencies.



Smart meter network provider featuring superior performance for low-flow water measurement and cellular network connections to enable communities to conserve more water.

Metron-Farnier offers a full product line of high-performance residential and commercial water meters. The company’s residential metering solutions combine superior low-flow performance with high data resolution for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). Metron-Farnier partners with the largest public wireless carrier in the United States to deploy AMI networks to small and mid-sized communities with less infrastructure requirements and in less time. Their commercial meters are trusted by some of the largest cities in the United States.



Tens of thousands of remote monitoring units across North America are paired with advanced data analytics to help protect critical pipeline and municipal water assets from corrosion.

Mobiltex is a leading developer of IoT devices and data analytics software for the monitoring of pipelines and other critical infrastructure assets. Their remote monitoring systems provide immediate and accurate data about the effectiveness of corrosion protection systems, eliminating the need to dispatch utility staff to often dangerous and remote locations while streamlining regulatory reporting. Mobiltex monitoring systems are trusted by over 200 leading industrial and municipal organizations.


Natural Systems Utilities

A leading supplier of decentralized wastewater treatment solutions which have enabled the reuse of nearly 2 billion gallons of water and achieved national project recognition for sustainable design.

NSU is a national leader in water reclamation and reuse solutions for real estate, municipal, institutional and industrial sectors to help them achieve environmental stewardship and sustainability goals. The company has built the unique capability to design, build, finance and privately manage wastewater treatment infrastructure. NSU operates over 240 systems along with 160 innovative/alternative Title V facilities across the United States and has received over 100 wastewater operations awards.


Newterra Ltd

Changing the way in which water and wastewater treatment infrastructure is built around the world with a modular ‘plug & play’ technology approach for virtually any size of application.

Newterra is a global leader in the engineering, manufacturing and servicing of modular treatment solutions for water, wastewater, stormwater and groundwater. The company’s modular solutions are fully self contained, can be located virtually anywhere and can be scaled up and down in parallel with capacity requirements. Newterra has over 10,000 installations serving a diverse global client base from power generation, to mining camps, to residential development and municipalities – wherever a decentralized solution is required.

Acquired by Frontenac on October 30, 2020.

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Providing nutrient removal solutions at over 750 municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities to meet the most stringent effluent discharge standards.

Nexom provides a broad portfolio of technologies for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities to remove nutrients from wastewater prior to discharge or reuse. With efficient operation, low maintenance costs and superior technical design services, they are the go-to solution for small and mid-sized treatment plants to meet stringent effluent regulations. Nexom technologies also stand out from the competition with their ability to provide effective nutrient removal in cold weather environments.

Member of XPV and KKR Water Quality Platform.


Soli Organic

North America’s leading grower and distributor of organic fresh herbs, featuring advanced indoor growing technologies that enable production with 90% less water usage.

Soli Organic supplies over 18,000 stores every day with fresh organic herbs, employing proprietary greenhouse and water technologies that enable using 90% less water than conventional growing methods. Their approach brings fresh produce production closer to the customer, optimizing critical supply chains. An innovator in one of the fastest-growing categories in the natural produce market, Soli Organic was the first USDA-certified organic greenhouse in the United States.


SmartCover Systems

An award-winning provider of real-time collection system visibility and condition assessment which has prevented thousands of harmful and costly sewer spills in North American cities.

SmartCover is a leader in the remote monitoring of sewer collection systems to help predict, detect and prevent sewer spills. Their remote devices can be quickly installed without confined space entry requirements for utility staff and can also be used to optimize collection system cleaning programs, detect I&I and monitor combined sewer overflows. The smart technology is providing utilities with significant ROI, in one case, the need for sewer cleanings was reduced by 95% which saved the large utility over $1 million in operational costs.


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