Why Partner With Us?

You have developed a great company. Now let us help you make it an extraordinary company. Leverage our sector expertise, growth resources, and financial capital to help take your business to the next level.

Accelerate Growth

Accelerate your business to the next level.

As a specialized investor, we know the ins and outs of scaling a business in a profitable way. We share best practices, help make strategic connections or line up strategic acquisitions, all focused on fueling your company’s growth.

“With XPV as a partner, we developed and executed a strategic plan to enter a new major market. Today we are a market leader in nutrient management solutions across North America.”

Generate Demand

Differentiate your company from the competition.

Our platform combines our extensive sector experience with the latest digital marketing strategies that will help generate new demand for your solutions. Tap into our network of marketing experts to implement timely and effective marketing programs.

“In just over a year, we went from a basic set of brochures and an old website to a high impact marketing program. Our brand now reflects our leadership position and our new website generates a continuous flow of high-value leads for our sales team.”

Close New Customers

Increase your sales capacity and capabilities.

Our proven sales training program will help your company connect with more customers and close more deals. Leverage our extensive network of industry contacts and premier networking events to develop valuable C-suite relationships.

“We fully embraced the sales training program offered by XPV and it took our team to the next level. Having a process to better understand the customer and develop tailored approaches that help increase our win rates is transformational – especially for large sales opportunities.”

Hire Top Talent

Find, evaluate and hire ‘A’ players.

Using our time-tested hiring and top grading process will help you hire the right talent to grow your business. Become part of a like-minded peer network that can help build on your leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities.

“With a growing business, I needed an experienced CFO that would be a good fit with our team. XPV supported me through a recruitment process that not only taught me a few new techniques but resulted in a new hire with the perfect background.”

Pursue Mergers & Acquisitions

Execute acquisitions that build shareholder value.

Our proven M&A toolkit, combined with a proprietary industry database of over 10,000 qualified companies, can help you explore, analyze, and close new deals. We are also ready to assist your team in providing transaction and integration support.

“We have successfully completed multiple acquisitions with XPV. Their extensive database of well-vetted targets was a huge asset and their integration tools have resulted in quick and effective business integration processes.”

Improve Your Margins

Optimize processes that maximize your profitability.

Implement best-practices to improve your purchasing capabilities, optimize supply chains, evaluate different methods of manufacturing, and much more. Our network of industry veterans are ready to help you execute projects of any scale.

“XPV quickly engaged with our team to identify best-practices for how we bring our product to market. We knew that there were cost-saving opportunities, but by tapping into the decades of hands-on operations experience within XPV, we greatly exceeded our targets.”

Case Studies

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Access Our Network

Leverage our ecosystem to forge strategic partnerships, open new markets, and build a stronger customer base. We provide you access to leaders connected to the global water sector, and facilitate the sharing of knowledge amongst our partner companies. Our ecosystem is comprised of:

Municipalities and Utilities
Scientific and Regulatory Communities
Public and Private Agencies
Government Officials
Portfolio Companies
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Make a Difference in Water

Leverage our ecosystem to forge strategic partnerships, open new markets, and build a stronger customer base.

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