Sewers Can Talk. Video: Greg Quist at Strata Data Conference

Sewers Can Talk. Watch the Video of Greg Quist at Strata Data Conference
Greg Quist, founder and CEO of SmartCover Systems,  a leader in providing monitoring solutions for water and wastewater applications, delivered an enlightening look at how technology can help communicate directly to system operators and tell them what’s happening down below.  Presented at Strata Data Conference in New York on September 11, 2018, this session was one of the most popular and talked about.
In his case study entitled, “Sewers Can Talk – Understanding the Language of Sewers,” Quist took the audience “to the dark side” where water and sewer systems are dangerously old, sewer spills are frequent and water main breaks wreak havoc. He explained in detail how smart cities built on crumbling infrastructure can address challenges with affordable data-driven solutions for the digital water utility of the future.
Watch full video here.