Newterra Continues its Growth Momentum in the Water Sector with the Acquisition of TIGG

Newterra Group, a leading supplier of water solutions to the municipal, industrial and environmental remediation sectors, is excited to announce that as of October 8, 2019, it has acquired TIGG, a leading manufacturer of high-quality adsorption equipment and solutions provider to those same markets.

For over 40 years,TIGG has manufactured activated carbon adsorption equipment and provided liquid and vapor treatment solutions for municipal water, environmental remediation applications and industrial manufacturing facilities. TIGG’s engineers and technical experts are among the best in the field. They work closely with clients to design the optimal treatment solution. TIGG regularly treats water sources contaminated with PFAS, 1,4 Dioxane, trace metals and hydrocarbons. On the air side, TIGG has expertise at VOC removal, odor control and the treatment of off-gas from MGP treatment projects.

TIGG’s tanks and pressure vessels are proudly made in the United States in their 155,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. TIGG fabricates both ASME code and non-code tanks up to 14 feet in diameter and offers lining and finish coating of the tanks in their on-site paint facility. Tour Heber Springs

Doug Conley of TIGG explains, “Joining Newterra will allow TIGG customers access to a broader range of treatment technologies and allow our products to be sold through their expansive and growing sales network. By combining the two companies, we will be able to penetrate new vertical industry sectors and expand geographically. Newterra, with its 27-year history in the environmental remediation market, understands TIGG’s business and there are many synergies between the companies that are exciting.”

Tom Vossman, CEO of Newterra stated, “The acquisition of TIGG is a win-win for both companies. TIGG expands Newterra’s reach into the remediation, municipal and industrial sectors, while providing a strong manufacturing base for vessel production for Newterra’s environmental business as well as its growing Cochrane Industrial water treatment business. Newterra enhances TIGG’s system capabilities with its years of complex system integration experience, and the ability to handle larger, more challenging projects such as Superfund sites and larger industrial projects. We are extremely excited to welcome TIGG to the Newterra family.”

About TIGG

Since 1977, TIGG has provided a broad range of activated carbon adsorption equipment, systems, filtration media and services for air, water, process liquids, and gasses. TIGG builds standard and custom equipment at its 155,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Heber Springs, Arkansas, with engineering and support based in Oakdale, Pennsylvania.

About Newterra

Newterra is a leader in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and servicing modular treatment solutions for water, wastewater, and groundwater. Since 1863, we have been helping clients in a wide range of industries and sectors operate more efficiently, sustainably, and safely, while helping our customers solve their water and wastewater challenges.

For Further Information Please Contact:

Doug Conley
General Manager, TIGG
1 724 703 3020

Nadim Suleman
Corporate Development, Newterra
1 800 420 4056