BCR Announces Successful Tests Showing Patented CleanB® Technology Destroys Poliovirus—That’s Harder to Destroy Than Coronavirus

BCR announced that they have completed the second phase of testing to demonstrate reduction of coronavirus in wastewater sludge using their globally patented CleanB® sludge treatment technology. This second phase of testing involved disinfection testing against poliovirus, an enteric virus which is more difficult to destroy than coronavirus. Test results confirm that the technology kills 99.9% of the poliovirus in wastewater sludge.

“It has been startling to see the speed at which the COVID-19 crisis has escalated in the past few weeks with no proven treatments yet available,” said Joshua Scott, CEO for BCR. In phase 2, BCR has tested the CleanB technology against poliovirus in raw Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) and observed a greater than 3 Log, or 99.9% reduction of virus after treatment. “We have focused on poliovirus testing as an indicator of potential effectiveness against coronavirus. The next phase of testing involves testing our CleanB® technology against human coronavirus (h-coronavirus). This technology would be especially applicable in high risk areas where extensive number of cases are confirmed. Our biggest concern is that the virus can live in wastewater sludge for over 14 days and during this time it can be transmitted through contact by anything that comes in contact with this waste.”

Mr. Scott indicated that the CleanB® technology supply chain has been optimized to address the expected demand. “We have a number of projects in the planning stage and encourage any treatment plant manager or engineer involved in stopping the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 to contact us directly—further COVID-19 information and contact details can be found on our BCR website.”

BCR provides a mobile unit that can process up to 270 gallons of waste activated sludge per minute and can drive from site to site. BCR also provides full-scale permanent installations of the CleanB® system. Currently, there are ten permanent CleanB® system installations in city and county wastewater treatment plants in the US, including a Naval Air Station.

About BCR:

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