SmartCover Systems® Releases the SubSonic™ Dual Sensor

SmartCover® Dual Sensor Provides More Accurate Sewer Spills Prevention Across North America Full Dynamic Range of Manholes Brings More Accuracy to Detecting Inflow & Infiltration for Collection Systems During Water Surges.

SmartCover® released the SubSonic™ Dual Sensor as a standard configuration for their suite of wastewater technology solutions. The dual sensor extends visibility throughout the entire manhole from the bottom of the channel to the cover. Not only does the dual sensor provide customers with “full dynamic range” of manholes, it combines the accuracy of ultrasonic with the wide range of a pressure sensor. The SmartCover SubSonic systems started shipping Summer 2019.

“The release of SmartCover featuring a SubSonic dual sensor is a reflection of our dedication to helping wastewater operators prevent sewer spills. Our customers wanted full dynamic visibility of their manholes and we listened. In the past, when ultrasonic sensors submerged during heavy rainfall, operators were in the blind. SmartCover’s product engineers redesigned our solution to eliminate the dead band during a surcharge,” said Greg Quist, CEO of SmartCover.

The SubSonic embeds a pressure sensor to monitor costly inflow & infiltration (I&I) during water surges, such as heavy rainfall events when groundwater and/or stormwater flows into a wastewater collection system. This sensor detects water level changes from the outset and continue to provide valuable data beyond the point when the ultrasonic sensor becomes submerged. The sealed submersion sensor is virtually maintenance-free, issues alarms when a manhole is reaching overflow levels, and allows wastewater operators to “triage” manholes to prevent sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs).

“To battle inflow and infiltration, utilities need to identify segments of their collections system with the highest level of I and I. SmartCover better informs operators on rapidly changing water levels throughout the channel,” said Quist. “High wet-weather flows can be compared to dry weather flows to establish a ratio that identifies I and I so that preventive actions stop spills.”

About SmartCover: SmartCover® is a pioneering technology company serving the wastewater industry. By predicting, detecting and preventing sewer spills, the technology solution saves lives in the field while protecting public health, our environment, and the quality of life in communities throughout North America. SmartCover systems gather and monitor remote sewer data, perform analytics and enable informed decisions to stop sewer spills. In addition to preventing sewer spills, SmartCover’s suite of technology has a range of applications including the reduction of high frequency cleanings (HFC), locating inflow and infiltration (I&I), intrusion detection, and H2S odor control. Since 2005, the company has prevented thousands of sewer spills and saved millions of dollars for wastewater utilities. SmartCover software monitors real time trends in a wastewater collection system and delivers timely advisories via desktop or smart devices. The technology integrates with the Iridium® satellite network, making it impervious to power or cell outages during severe weather — making it especially advantageous for remote locations. SmartCover headquarters are located in the San Diego area with additional offices in TX. They are a member of XPV Water Partners. To learn more visit SmartCover® and SubSonic™ are registered trademarks of SmartCover Systems/Hadronex Inc. with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Any infringement of these trademarks will be prosecuted. Under the Madrid Protocol for international trademarks under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, protection will be enforced worldwide.