XPV Water Partners Invests in Metasphere Ltd.

XPV Water Partners further expands its portfolio of companies worldwide with an investment in Metasphere Ltd
XPV Water Partners, a growth equity investor focused on making investments in companies related to the treatment and management of the world’s water resources, announced today that it has supported a management buyout of Metasphere Ltd, an internationally recognised end-to-end provider of remote telemetry solutions.  Metasphere has been operating in the remote monitoring and control business for 30+ years and its products and services are widely recognised in the industry with solutions that improve process efficiency, meet regulatory requirements, and preserve valuable natural resources.
Metasphere utilises the latest technology, and products including IoT to ensure extensive functionality, with unparalleled reliability and scalability, and to reduce the cost of telemetry ownership for customers seeking to monitor time critical remote assets and systems.  The company offers a full range of battery and mains powered remote telemetry units, that deploy a variety of communication protocols, and which are sensor agnostic, to suit a wide range of application requirements.  A web-hosted system offers a simplified telemetry monitoring platform while applications support connectivity of devices using IoT.  Metasphere serves the increasing needs of many major utility companies throughout the UK, Europe, and Australasia.
“I am proud of the success and industry respect that our brand has achieved. This partnership with XPV Water Partners will enable Metasphere to significantly increase our presence and support in the telemetry market.” says Tim O’Brien, CEO. “It will allow us to enhance our ability to deliver value to our customers through the development of technology and services that is adaptive to the needs of utilities worldwide.”
“We have been building a relationship with this company for the better part of two years and are impressed with its growth profile, technology, and customer base.  Our partnership will focus on helping the company expand its relationships with utilities and grow its offering.” stated Khalil Maalouf, Partner at XPV Water Partners.  “We are pleased to partner with a management team that is dedicated to contributing to the growth prospects of such an exciting company.”
About Metasphere
Metasphere Ltd provides robust asset monitoring of time critical remote operations for operators to gain competitive advantage and meet regulatory compliance.  The ability to monitor remote assets and systems in real time is a defining process of telemetry and in order to achieve this, Metasphere provides system solutions using its own components combined with the latest technology and products. The company offers open-standard interfaces to allow its users to readily integrate Metasphere products and solution offerings into their existing IT infrastructure, thereby minimising time and cost for the user and ensuring that data collection devices and systems are as interoperable and as secure as possible within a smart water and waste water network. Visit https://www.metasphere.co.uk/ to learn more.
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